Will You Pass On God’s Love And Mercy?

Rev. Fr. Roberto Francisco Maria Tiquia, OATH during the 3rd Diocesan Liturgical Congress at Sanctuario De San Vicente De Paul Parish and Shrine of the Poor last November 12, 2016

As the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy comes to a close, a priest from the Oblates of the Alliance of the Twin Hearts (OATH) reminds every one of the need to share the love and mercy they received from God during the year.

“The mercy and love of God should also be passed on to others,” said Rev. Fr. Roberto Francisco Maria Tiquia, OATH to almost 2,000 lay liturgical ministers gathered in the Santuario de San Vicente de Paul Parish and Shrine of the Poor last Saturday, November 12, 2016, for the Diocese of Novaliches’ 3rd Liturgical Congress.

Invited to talk on “The Eucharist: A Dialogue of Mercy and Compassion”, Fr. Tiquia delved on the nature, essence, and value of the Eucharist in the daily life a Christian. He mentioned the various forms of liturgical practices, such as the Liturgy of the Hours and the Holy Hour or the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, but emphasized the importance of the Eucharist above all these being the height not only of Christian prayer but the very core of all Church Ministries.

“All Ministries are bound and centered in the Eucharist,” he said. He expounded that all the Ministries of the Church are designed to bring the person into the love of and for the Eucharist. According to Fr. Tiquia, this is so because the Eucharist is the very presence of Christ Himself when He Himself said during the Last Supper, ‘This is my body’, which meant, ‘This is Me’.

“Christ is truly, really, and substantially present in the Eucharist,” he added. Therefore, a person’s full participation in the Eucharist, especially when Holy Communion is received, is an intimate dialogue with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. In addition, to make us worthy for that intimate dialogue with God, the Eucharist washes away all our venial sins being a memorial of Christ’s Passion.

“The Eucharist is the heart of Jesus who receives all our sins,” Fr. Tiquia revealed, then echoed the popes, “The greatest gift of God to us is the Eucharist–it’s Christ Himself.”

Fr. Tiquia repeatedly stressed the need to partake of the Sacrament of Reconciliation to achieve this full participation in the Eucharist.

“We must go to Confession because that is the tribunal of God’s mercy,” he explained, “People who are broken who go to Confession experience healing of their brokenness.”

Diocese of Novaliches Director of Commission On Worship Rev. Fr. Victor Emmanuel “Bobot” Clemen during the start of the Liturgy of the Hours of the 3rd Diocesan Liturgical Congress held in Santuario De San Vicente De Paul Parish and Shrine of the Poor last November 12, 2016

He also suggested the possibility of parishes having a Eucharistic Reparation or the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every evening of the first Friday of the month until the midmorning of the first Saturday of the month with the intention of asking the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of one’s sins.

With all these truths about the Eucharist and Confession, the Faithful are then encouraged to share with others the Mercy and Love of God they received in these Sacraments–on top of the indulgences derived from them when participated in Jubilee Shrines–as imitation of Christ’s giving of Himself to others like one normally does whenever a great blessing or gift is received.

“Help our priests make the Celebration of the Mass more beautiful, let us go to Confession, and let us visit Jesus in Perpetual Adoration,” Fr. Tiquia pleaded, ending his almost two-hour talk.

The 3rd Liturgical Congress was organized by the Commission On Worship to bring together the heads and members of all its Ministries–Lectors and Commentators, Distribution of the Holy Eucharist, Liturgical Music, Altar Servers, Reception of Gifts, Care for the Sanctuary and Sacristy–from the 69 Parishes of the Diocese of Novaliches in celebration of the closure of the Jubilee of Mercy and in consolidation of all topics covered for the said year.

The event also introduced the practice of the Liturgy of the Hours through a Primer given to participants and the Solemn Lauds at the start of the programme presided by Commission On Worship Director Rev. Fr. Victor Emmanuel Clemen and led by Liturgical Music Coordinator Ferdinand Bautista.

St. Vincent School of Theology’s (SVST) Professor of Liturgy Rev. Fr. Raul Pura, CM gave a reaction to Fr. Tiquia’s talk before the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist concelebrated by the Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, D.D. , Fr. Clemen, and Fr. Tiquia.

More importantly, as according to the Bishop during his homily, the Liturgical Congress’ emphasis is to encourage people to really worship God. (~Minnie Agdeppa-De Luna)

The Santuario De San Vicente De Paul Parish and Shrine of the Poor’s ampitheatre style architecture was packed by the 3rd Diocesan Liturgical Congress’ 2,000 participants last November 12, 2016