No Excuses Not To Be Perfect

Communication Foundation for Asia Deputy Executive Director Jennifer Josephine Emily “Pie” Mabanta Fenomeno during the “Lights, Camera, ZOOM!!!” Seminar of SocComm Nova

Wala tayong karapatan na hindi maging perfect,” sternly reminds ABC5 Family Matters Director Pie Mabanta-Fenomeno as she concluded “Lights, Camera, ZOOM!!!”, a Diocese of Novaliches Social Communications and Media Ministry (SocComm Nova) Seminar on Documentary Videographies With Religious Themes held in the Chancery Office last September 17, 2016.

According to Ms. Fenomeno, perfection is not only the goal but the actual trademark of all Christians, especially Catholic Communicators–or those engaged in the Social Communications and Media Ministries of the Catholic Church.

“Christ is our message. Tayo ay mga Catholic Communicators…we do not have any reason not to be perfect because we are delivering Christ,” she emphasized to the 22 participants of the Seminar who spent the day with her learning the importance of formulating a message for evangelization through audio-visual media.

Then she reiterated, challenging the participants to the command Christ Himself gave His followers, “Christ is our message–eh ano ba naman ang ginawa ni Kristo sa atin? Namatay lang naman sa Krus. Tapatan po natin iyon.

Ms. Pie guiding the participants in making their video storyboard during SocComm Nova’s “Lights, Camera, ZOOM!!!” last September 17, 2016

With a Best Director Award from the Ateneo De Manila University in 1983, a Deputy Executive Director post at the Communication Foundation for Asia since 2009, and a producer of the WPFF-Filipino New Cinema 2015 Official Selection Indie Film “Maskara” as some of the notable achievements in her portfolio, Ms. Fenomeno has been passionately engaged in professionalizing Catholic Communicators for more than a decade now. She has been, in fact, the Creative Director of the Family Rosary Crusade, which produces the TV5 program “Family Matters” hosted by the Diocese’s very own Rev. Fr. Daniel Allan Samonte.

Ms. Fenomeno, whose full name is Jennifer Josephine Emily, also gives trainings to Catholic Media practitioners such as Radio Veritas and TV Maria. It is no wonder that she challenges the participants of “Lights, Camera, ZOOM!!!” to have the same zeal in giving their best when it comes to the service of the Catholic Church.

For the said seminar, Ms. Fenomeno gave a condensed version of her usual three-day workshop on Videography through the basics of videography, video editing and video outputting. She introduced participants to the types of Media, production terminologies, production processes, identifying one’s audience, formulating one’s message, strategies in delivering effective messages, and choosing the tools for delivery.

Participants creating their video for the final group workshop of SocComm Nova’s “Lights, Camera, ZOOM!!!” Seminar last September 17, 2016.

Participants underwent a series of group workshops within the very tight timeframe of the Seminar, which included creating their storyboard and its actual video. The video created by each group of participants was presented for critiquing before the end of the seminar.

During the seminar, SocComm Nova Director Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi shared that the Community Based Drug Rehabiliation Program is one of the important thrusts of the Diocese of Novaliches as of date. As such, this was made a recurring theme for the videos the seminar’s participants were asked to make for the group workshops with the aim that campaign materials could come out from it.

Hopefully, the participants will really persevere in refining their videos after these have been critiqued by Ms. Mabanta and will submit it to SocComm Nova to actually help the Diocese in its newly-launched program of healing and protection for those inflicted by illegal drugs.

SocComm Nova Director Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi giving emphasis on the Diocese’s recently launched Community Based Drug Rehabilitation Program during “Lights, Camera, ZOOM!!!”

Ang usapan ng droga ay hindi lambing, hindi matamis lalo na ngayon na maraming namamatay…at dahil ang tindi ng tema na pinili natin, huwag niyo bitawan,” Ms. Pie advised.

“Lights, Camera, ZOOM!!!” is the fifth and last in the series of seminars SocComm Nova scheduled for 2016. The other seminars were “Write Right 4 Christ“, a basic seminar on Writing and Journalism conducted by St PAULs; “Snapshots 4 Christ“, a basic seminar on Photography and Photo Journalism conducted by Rev. Fr. Noel Azupardo and Mr. Julius Panday, respectively; “R U Social?“, a basic seminar on Social Media Platforms; and “RAF Raising“, a basic seminar on Religious Advertising and Fund Raising conducted by Titus Brandsma Media Center.

The SocComm Nova 2016 Seminar Series were meant to create an awareness of the Ministry in the Diocese of Novaliches and to help in its establishment on a parish, vicariate, and diocesan level. Plans for next year’s seminar series are underway. (~Minnie De Luna)