#RAFRaising: Collaboration Unlocks Fund Raising Success

Mr. Anthony Roman during the SocComm Nova Seminar on Religious Advertising & Fund Raising

According to Mr. Anthony Roman from the Office of Social Communications of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference, collaboration of the Ministries of the Parish with its Media Ministry is key in achieving success for the fund raising projects and programs of the parish. This, he said, during the recently held Seminar on Religious Advertising and Fund Raising of the Diocese of Novaliches’ Social Communications & Media Ministry (SocComm Nova) last August 20, 2016 at the Chancery Office in Regalado Avenue, Q.C.

“There’s a need to have a team to impliment fund raising plans for the parish / ministry using Social Communications & Mass Media…through collaborative efforts of the Media Ministry with the Stewardship or Temporalities Ministry, & other ministries of the Parish,” he said.

Sharing his experience on the, “Basics of Fund Raising”, Roman emphasized that people are the best Public Relations tool of any organization, which includes the Catholic Church. Thus, “How you welcome people into your parish tells a lot of your Catholic Faith.”

He also said that if we can go about spreading gossip, why not “Gossip the Gospel” instead? This could be a good strategy in coming up with good content online to attain a ripple effect in spreading God’s Word.

Rev. Fr. Christian Buenafe, O.Carm. during his talk on the “Ethics In Advertising” last August 20, 2016

On the other hand, Champion of Catholic Media Education in the Philippines Rev. Fr. Christian Buenafe, O.Carm. gave three R’s to remember as tips for Content Marketing for his talk, “Ethics In Advertising” during SocComm Nova’s Seminar on Religious Advertising and Fund Raising. These were Relevance, Resonate, and Reinforce.

Relevance ensure you post content in your Social Media Platforms that your audience can relate to or give importance to. Finding what your audience values shows your desire to build communities for rewarding relationships. Resonate remembers what once was (before) and what is now (after), which is very important in fund raising projects to show donors what has become of their contributions to your project or parish. To reinforce, on the other hand, is making use of tri-media in a parish’s or ministry’s advertising or fund raising campaigns.

“Let us share generosity,” Fr. Buenafe said, encapsulating what his discussion on the need to change the mindset of most Pinoys when it comes to giving money to the Church: having strings attached, vested interests, etc., which show a person’s lack of true generosity to the Catholic Church.

To emphasize the power of Social Media, he also highlighted that “an ad (online) can be a powerful pulpit” considering its wide reach as compared to traditional Media. However, he stressed that, “Ethics in advertising should promote the truth & social responsibility–without sacrificing our principles & morals and not just be a heartless people but true Christians.”

Mr. Perry Paul Lamanilao demonstrating current trends in Online Marketing

Mr. Perry Paul Lamanilao, a renowned Social Media Strategist for various organizations who works in the Office of the President, gave a talk on, “Fund Raising & Marketing Trends.” He provided participants with a backgrounder on Social Media platforms and the new applications available like Firechat for DRR/M situations. He also gave the direction content for online marketing is taking, like 3-minute videos for marketing / promotions as compared to 12-minute videos for documentaries.

Most remarkable during seminar was the unplanned sharing of best practices of the parishes in their fund raising efforts through Social Media. This was actually sparked by participants from Jesus Lord of Divine Mercy-Hobart who cited their creative efforts during the construction of their Parish–one of which involved sharing videos on their predicament in their Parish Facebook account.

The participants unanimously agreed that (1) videos shared online were very powerful in garnering funds for the parishes or projects but there’s a need to (2) be specific on what you’re asking while being transparent & vigilant in reporting the status of what you’re doing.

The participants of SocComm Nova’s Seminar on Religious Advertising & Fund Raising

The SocComm Nova’s Religious Advertising and Fund Raising is a seminar on the basics of Advertising–what it is, terminologies, ethics, processes, trends, and best practices–and fund raising terminologies, techniques, trends, and Social Media tools suitable for financing the plans, programs, and activities of Non-Profits like the Catholic Church.

The seminar, conducted by the Titus Brandsma Media Team composed of the aforementioned speakers and facilitated by its Executive Director Rev. Fr. Arnulfo Alindayu, O.Carm., is the fourth in a series rolled out by SocComm Nova for 2016 meant to create awareness on the Ministry in the Diocese and to help establish it in the Parish, Vicariate, and Diocesan levels. (~Minnie De Luna)

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