Pentecost Recollection Poses 4P’s Challenge To Nova Faithful

The Diocese of Novaliches, through its Commission on Faith & Formation, held a Pentecost Recollection entitled “Let Your Spirit Come Upon These Gifts: The Holy Spirit and the Holy Eucharist” last May 14, 2016 at the Mary the Queen Parish, Quezon City with Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni as speaker.

In his two-part talk, Fr. Felloni discussed “How the Holy Spirit Makes His Presence Felt in the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist”, and, “How the Holy Spirit Leads Us to the Holy Eucharist and Leads Us Beyond the Fulfillment of Our Mission in The Church and in the World.” He reminded participants of the essence of allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them and of calling Him constantly to ablaze their faith and to make Jesus ever-present in our lives.

“We cannot just remember Jesus. We need to feel that He is with us; that He lives in us. And only the Holy Spirit can make that happen,” he said.

In the Last Supper, when Christ said, “Do this in memory of me,”Fr. Luciano pointed out that Jesus is not just giving bread and wine but is giving His life instead. He added that, “To remember is not only to seat on the Last Supper, but to do what Jesus did.”

Fr. Luciano shared as well the “4P’s of The Mass”, which are Paghahanda, Paglahok, Pagganap, and Pagsasabuhay. Paghahanda reminds the need to practice starting the Mass at home by simply preparing oneself for the celebration as early as possible with one’s family and to actually celebrate the Holy Eucharist with enthusiasm and joy.

Paglahok reminds one not to make the Mass a routine but instead treat it as a special privilege to connect with God. In this way, the Mass will deeply enter one’s hearts and the joy and grace that one received wil extend to every aspect of one’s life.

Pagganap invites us to enjoy the Holy Communion as part of the Holy Eucharist and to have a meaningful conversation with God as we receive Him. While Pagsasabuhay brings the challenge to fulfill one’s mission to serve the Lord gracefully to the best of one’s abilities.

In the second part of his talk, Fr. Luciano emphasized that that one’s faith is not only personal but is actually communitarian. As such, one should have a share in making one’s parish a healthy community that focuses on serving the Lord. He said that, “the first action of the Holy Spirit is to bring us together from isolation to a community.”

Fr. Luciano ended his talk by reminding participants that in everything they do, they bring Jesus. Moreover, he said that one’s joy is a clear manifestation of God living in that person and that said person allows the Holy Spirit to guide one’s path.

The Diocesan Pentecost Recollection, attended by representatives from various Parishes, Ministries, and Commissions, culminated with the Holy Mass. (~By Christy Linga)