Libera Nox Attends XI Sacerdos Institute Annual Exorcism Course


Libera Nox, the Office of Exorcism of the Diocese of Novaliches, through its Exorcist Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Nonato “Nonnette” Legaspi, joined the Archdiocese of Manila’s delegation for the XI Annual Exorcism and Prayers of Liberation Course held at the Sacerdos Institute, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy last April 4-9, 2016.

Designed as a support for bishops, the Annual Exorcism Course delves into the reality of the Ministry of Exorcism by preparing priests and professional laity assigned to the Ministry in tackling its theoritical and practical implications.

This year’s Course was held in collaboration with Group for Socio-religious Research and Information (GRIS), a renowned cult apologist. There were 24 topics discussed during the 6-day duration of the Course that ranged from “Exorcism and New Evangelization”, “Legal Issues of Exorcism” to “Psychological Disorders and Differential Assessment” and “Theology of Exorcism As A Sacramental”.

Taught in Italian, the talks covered anthropological, spiritual, canonical, and medical issues, among others. Speakers for the said talks were rabbis, exorcists, specialists, and professors like University of Rome’s Coordinator and Head of the Laboratory of Applied Experimental Psychology Prof. Anna Maria Giannini who is also a member of the Criminal Police.


The Course is a timely preparation for Fr. Nonnette who will be conducting a series of talks in the Vicariate level come June 2016. Topics of the said talk series are, “Spiritual Warfare”, “Discernment of the Spirit”, and “Possessions, Exorcisms, & Hauntings”.

Together with Fr. Nonnette in Rome are other exorcists from the Suffragans of Manila and from the Military Ordinate. While the Most Rev. Broderick Pabillo, DD heads the Archdiocese of Manila’s Office of Exorcism (AMOE) delegation of exorcists and lay assistants.

Fr. Nonnette will be back from Rome on April 19 to resume operations for Libera Nox. For the meantime, the Office is open to receive requests for deliverance and exorcism via email at, through its Facebook Account:, or via mobile number 5145318. However, all requests will have to be scheduled upon Fr. Nonnette’s arrival. (~SocComm Nova)


Fr. Nonnette Legaspi (backmost, center) with the other exorcists and case officers of the Archdiocese of Manila, the Suffragans of Manila and the Military Ordinate during the last day of the XI Annual Exorcism Course in the Sacerdos Institute, Rome last April 9, 2016.