Pre-IEC Preparations Photo Gallery

In preparation for the arrival of the Diocesan Non-Paying / Subsidized Delegates for IEC 2016, Delegation Coordinator Dharel Cuntapay together with the Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias and his sister, Ms. Marita Tobias, arrived in Cebu on January 19, 2016. Mr. Dharel took care of the needs of the delegates from the host families for the accommodations and to their Registration during the four days he stayed there prior to IEC. On Day 1, he and Ms. Marita were met by the host family, Dra. Jellen Osalla. Then, on Day 2, they took care of the list of the host families of the other delegates. The registration of the delegates took a lot of time on Day 3 but all was set by the time the delegates arrived on Day 4. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Dharel Cuntapay.)

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