OGV (One Good Vote) Virus at the Diocese of Novaliches

OGV (One Good Vote) Virus at the Diocese of Novaliches

By Ela Rancio

The Diocese of Novaliches is one with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) on its goal to enlighten the mind of the citizens to vote responsibly and conscientiously and to stop vote buying and selling through the One Good Vote voter’s education.


More than 200 representatives from different parishes, ministries and commissions of the Diocese participated in the launching of the said module, which was led by the Diocesan Public Affairs Ministry and PPCRV at the Palace of the Rock, St. Peter Parish, last August 15.

Participants were given OGV Modules, T-shirts, posters, snacks and a challenge to make the One Good Vote advocacy viral.

Public Affairs Ministry Head, Percival Chavez said that all objectives will remain slogans if we will not stand for it. For him, One Good Vote is a prayer and a vow.

His reverence Bishop Antonio Tobias challenged everyone to check their self-image before casting their votes for a good self-image yields a one good vote. This is conceded by PPCRV Ambassador Henrietta “Tita” De Villa as she encouraged the participants to bring home to their parish the CHAMP Mission which stands for Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful and Peaceful election.

Acknowledging the youth’s vital role in the parish and in the society, De Villa persuades each of them to invite 10 more youth, to organize and to teach One Good Vote. She added that we should not separate our faith with voting— for love of country is love of God.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, in his very inspiring video message, stated that we should include God in our vote for he quoted that everything touched by God becomes good and holy.

“One Good Vote is one intelligent and discerned Vote,” Archbishop Villegas said.

Fr. Antonio Labiao, Diocese of Novaliches Vicar General for Pastoral and Public Affairs Ministry Priest Coordinator, laid the overview, importance and next steps for One Good Vote in the Diocese.  He presented that One Good Vote is a vehicle for political renewal. He said that each of us should have a contribution for the betterment of our nation.

In line with what Fr. Labiao said, the participants showed their One Word for One Good Vote in different positive notes indicating a positive hope for change and for the campaign.

Yours truly was assigned to call for action, encouraging the lay to organize a team in their parishes who will plan and implement OGV, to hold and attend trainers training, to spread the good news of One Good Vote and to ensure that they are registered voters.

Commission On Youth iVOTE program members Patricia Balagot and Eunice Ellarma led the opening and closing prayers respectively. AC Wilson, planning and development officer of the Diocese of Novaliches and Marlon Peralta, Commission On Youth Coordinator hosted the event.


Smart and Talk n’ Text, as sponsors of OGV, pledged to give PPCRV poll watchers a specialized sim card which could send messages to the PPCRV Center.

To learn more about One Good Vote, you can download the One Good Vote mobile application through Google Play or Apple App Store.