RCBN Resource and Information Center Update

by Sr. Emelina A. Villegas, ICM

For the longest time we have had a library that has slightly or hardly been used at all. However, slowly, we have renovated and improved it to make it more welcoming and updated. To start with, it will now be named RCBN Resource and Information Center and just recently we got some books which might be useful for your personal reflection, pastoral activities and for preparing homilies. Here are some:

  1. Option for the Poor and for the Earth  by Donal Dorr- Gives new perspective by linking option for the poor and for the earth in the context of the historical development of the social teachings of the church
  2. Eucharistic Face of the Filipino Priesthood:From Brokenness to Wholeness by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez- Gives down- to- earth insights into the mystery of present-day priesthood
  3. The Sacristy Manual by Thomas Ryan- All what you want to know to make the celebration of the Sacred Mysteries solemn and meaningful

You can visit our Resource and Information Center, browse over these books and have what you need reproduced since these books can’t be brought out of the Center.

Watch out for our updates and some more books you might need.