iVote Para sa Kinabukasan “Manalangin, Makilahok, Manindigan”— a Timely Call by the and to the Filipino Youth

iVote Para sa Kinabukasan “Manalangin, Makilahok, Manindigan”— a Timely Call by the and to the Filipino Youth 

by AC Wilson

The Commission on Youth (COY) of the Diocese of Novaliches has a strong advocacy for youth good governance advocates. On the day of this year’s celebration of Independence and the Feast day of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, more than 40 participants from several parishes attended the iVote Para sa Kinabukasan General Assembly with the theme— “Ako’y Tumugon sa Panawagan, Astig!” The youth actively engaged in community singing, reflection sessions and activities such as the human diorama to creatively depict the meaning of independence and patriotism.

Atty. Alexander Lacson, a national best-selling author and renowned good governance advocate served as the guest speaker of the event. He shared about the current socio-political situation of the country and the initiatives we can do— from primaries, processes, and how to wisely choose our leaders— in order to gradually change the on-going turmoil and corrupt culture in the land. The Parish Youth Ministry representatives joined the open forum and raised their questions and personal insights.

Ms. Ela Rancio, iVote’s youth coordinator encouraged the youth to start and to continue these three critical points of action:  Manalangin—Pray, reflect, analyze, and know the current events; Makilahok— Participate in the #iVoteChallenge for voters’ registration. Share your views at Juan Huntahan Facebook page and help in raising social awareness and; Manindigan— Make a stand to vote responsibly and conscientiously. Be an advocate of social transformation.

Anticipating the coming elections, the DioNova youth thru the iVote Para sa Kinabukasan program will be more active and thriving in service.

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