Gospel Reflection: Solemnity of the Blessed Trinity-May 31, 2015

Solemnity of the Blessed Trinity – B – May 31, 2015
cover 09th Sunday - Trinity - Power of Three -May 31, 2015

God is indescribable

Today’s feast of the Trinity invites us to remember, to rekindle, to renew, our commitment to our Triune God who empowers each one of us to multiply His Love by the Power of Three!
Trinity is not a word which Jesus used. It is not found in the Bible, but it is used to describe what we know about God. It does not explain God, nobody could do that. It just describes what we know.

In the face of this amazing mystery, Christians have looked for symbols which have expressed the Trinitarian nature of God.

01One of the first symbols used for the Trinity was the triangle. The three equal sides forming one complete whole captures some of what it mean to be three in one. Balance and stability in the Godhead was conveyed by the triangle on one side, and the eternal nature of the Trinity was demonstrated by the connection between each side of the triangl02e.

Another classic shape used to bring to mind the properties of God is the circle. The circle has no beginning and no end, its never ending form represented God as eternal. The circle is a symbol used to represent God for many centuries. For the Greeks, the circle symbolised perfection.

03Borromean rings
(named after the crest of the Borromeo family in 15th-century Tuscany.) It contained four diagrams. In the centre, inside all the circles, is the word `unitas’; the three syllables of `tri-ni-tas’ are distributed in the outer sectors.

04One of the most common symbols of the Trinity is the Trefoil, generated from three interlocking Circles. It is generally believed that this symbol was creat05ed by St. Patrick when he illustrated the Trinity by pointing to a shamrock and remarking that it the three separate leaves form yet one shamrock. Hence the name Trefoil, i.e. three-leaved.

06Triquetra (Try-ket-ra, Latin for three cornered) You will find this symbol used on the spines of the NKJV version of the bible. 07The triquetra uses shapes like one of the oldest Christ symbols, the shape of the fish.

All of this goes to show just how difficult it is for us adequately to express in our human language, difficult divine concepts as the Trinity.
Fortunately we do not really have to. This is the job of the Holy Spirit to point to the Truth, to guide us to truth.


Here are facts you might want to know about YOU!
✓ Your human brain has approximately one trillion cells or neurons.
✓ Your brain is the most complex structure in the known universe.
✓ Your eye has about two million working parts.It would take a minimum of 100 years of Cray supercomputer time to simulate what actually takes place in your eye many times every second.
✓ The human is the only species known to shed tears when they are sad.
✓ There are ten trillion levels of intesity to your human hearing, from zero to 130 decibels. This makes your sense of hearing the widest ranging of all senses.
✓ There are about ten thousand different odors your nose is able to detect.
✓ Each of us gives off a distinctive scent signature, just like a fingerprint.
✓ There are over 60 thousand miles of blood vessels in your body. Enough to go around the world 2 and a half times, if stretched out end to end.
✓ Over 2 million red blood cells are made by your body every second.
✓ There are about 100 trillion cells in your body.
✓ Each cell in your body has over a million unique structures and processes whose complexity is comparable to a large city.
✓ Almost all of the 100 trillion cells in your body are replaced on the average of 7 years.
✓ The outer layer of your skin is renewed every 27 days.
✓ Your skeleton is renewed every three months.
✓ There are about 6 feet of DNA packed in the nucleus of each cell, which is only 1.4 millionths of a meter wide.
And if these “finger prints” of God in your body are not amazing enough. Here’s what’s for me a most amazing “divine” print.
✓ We already know that the cell is the basic organizational unit of all living organisms. One of these cells is what is described as a cell adhesion molecule. It’s holding your membranes together. It’s the glue of the human body. It’s called the laminin.
✓ It’s a protein molecule that holds cells and tissues together! Without it we’ll fall apart! Improper production of laminin can cause muscles to form improperly, leading to a form of muscular dystrophy. It can also cause progeria.
✓ In their book “The Laminins,” authors Peter Elkblom and Rupert Timpl say,”Electron microscopy reveals a cross-like shape for all laminins investigated so far.”

08✓ Now, isn’t that awe-inspiring? That the cells that protect your intelligently coded DNA’s, the cells that hold all the other cells and tissues in your body together, are so designed by God in the shape of the cross? And do you notice the three strands that make up the laminin? I want to suggest that that is what we mean by the Power of Three! Yes! The Trinity’s Divine Print right at the core of our physical and spiritual being! What an amazing human being from a truly amazing Triune God!


09The Formula: “That’s me and that’s three people… and I’m going to help them. And they do it for three other people… and they do it for three more. But it has to be something really good… something they can’t do by themselves!” – Pay it Forward

Are you willing to take up this Trinity Challenge?
God Bless you!