PPCRV Launches “One Good Vote” Election Campaign Nationwide

PPCRV Launches “One Good Vote” Election Campaign Nationwide
by AC Wilson












April 16, 2015— The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) launched “One Good Vote” as the flagship program for voters’ education and advocacy in preparation for 2016. “One Good Vote” is a grassroots and faith-impelled process of strengthening the personal and social consciences of the Filipino people by voting well and good and by rejecting all forms of vote-buying. PPCRV calls on all Dioceses to begin the training of trainers and volunteers early this year and to strategically select a particular sitio as a focal area for implementation. More than eighty (80) Dioceses are expected to participate.

The Diocese of Novaliches, through Rev. Fr. Antonio E. Labiao,Jr. takes charge of the module-making and preparations for the trainor’s training. They got a lot of insights working closely with Dilaab Foundation of Cebu, a non-profit, volunteer-driven, Christian movement helping the Filipino nation journey together towards integrity through deeper discernment.

In the primer distributed to all participants during the launching held at Pope Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila, the words One, Good, and Vote were described. Briefly, “One” does not mean just “I” but “We” and emphasizes on the coming together of people to rebuild a nation by organizing for clean, honest, accurate, meaningful, and peaceful (CHAMP) elections. Whereas, “Good” means choosing a communion for the positive, the life-giving, and the hopeful vision of a society marked by GoodGovernance and respect for the Common Good. Lastly, “Vote” is a call to action.Good Votes are well-thought ones, based on values and tested criteria reflected in the “May KKK ba ng Kandidato mo?” Tool for Reflection included in the said program. Here, KKK stands for Karakter, Kakayahan, at Katapatan. Come May, PPCRV will follow-up the launching with a nationwide training of trainers.